A Beautiful Tail

By: Michael John Stanley
Illustrated by: Richard T. Walsh

Based on a true story...

A couple weeks before our wedding, I finally wrote out my love declaration to be read to “Q” (short for Suzy Q) my fiance before taking our vows. After I finished the “I love you for all these reasons…” version, I as usual thought about writing something more unique and unexpected. As I pondered ideas, I thought about how sad we were that her young nephew Andrew (7 yrs) and niece Nora (4 yrs) had to watch via live stream at home in New Jersey due to Covid. Then it hit me. Why not write my love declaration out in a way that they could easily understand our story and love for each other? I was in tears before I could even finish the first draft!

Unsure as to how this would go over, I ran both versions of my love declaration by my best friends Alan (Best Man) and Freedom (Officiant) to get their opinions. They unanimously agreed that my first draft was more appropriate for the ceremony, but strongly encouraged me to turn my second version into a children’s book. 

So I did. 

Michael John Stanley


About the Illustrator

Richard T. Walsh has worked for and alongside some of the greatest names in the creative and business world including The Walt Disney Co., Universal Studios, Saul Bass, The Jim Henson Company, The Irvine Co., ABC TV, Nickelodeon, Entertainment Tonight, Cartoon Network, The Edison Company, Sunkist Fruit Growers, BMI, Participant Media, The Patina Group, Wolfgang Puck and many more.

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